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Business Partners

IPAN IPAN is a company made up of engineers and designers from the world of technology and furniture. It is specialized in wireless charging systems integrated in furniture.

Since its creation, IPAN IPAN has never stopped innovating and today offers unique patented solutions on the market.

IPAN IPAN supports the catering industry and furniture manufacturers in the deployment of wireless charging. IPAN IPAN’s constant objective is to develop solutions at the cutting edge of technology to ensure the efficiency, durability, and innovative nature of its products.

Veltia was born to revolutionize the market of electric hand dryers. Veltia’s development team spent three years researching and developing a patented hand dryer with an innovative technology that is able to reach where other hand dryers have never reached before.

Veltia New Generation hand dryers are the first to incorporate a built-in antimicrobial agent through a unique partnership in the hand dryer industry with the world renowned company: Microban®. In addition to that, Veltia differentiates its offering with a wide selection of colors available, odor elimination through ZeroSmell, ADA compliant for people with physical disabilities, as well as being the only company in the industry to work with Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) to certify and verify the elimination of bacteria and the safety of its product.

Veltia’s philosophy is to always go farther through constant development and research for the improvement of its products and thanks to their knowledge and experience in the Janitorial/Sanitorial industry. As a result, Veltia develops innovative and ecological products to meet its clients’ expectations and bringing value to the market.

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