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Today, the need for wireless charging on the go is more necessary than ever! Most people are constantly connected to social media, 5G contributes to faster battery consumption and mobile devices are an integral part of our lives. Along with these, our anxiety that we will run out of battery at some point is now predominant. Reliable wireless charging solutions are required, always and everywhere!

Petronas trd., Constantly innovating, presents innovative wireless charging solutions for public spaces, entertainment and hospitality. Solutions that come to significantly enhance your customer service experience!

Satisfying your customers’ need for on-the-go wireless charging, you benefit a lot by:

  • Increase traffic, turnover and time spent in your store
  • You are significantly ahead from the competition
  • Increase the loyalty of your customers
  • Increase your customer satisfaction
  • Offer a high tech experience, which upgrades the image of your business
  • Pay off your investment quickly


Petronas trd., Provides you with the STICK & CHARGE wireless charging solution, from the leading French company IPAN IPAN, an active member of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), which offers certified Qi solutions, with the highest security and quality.

Easy installation in just 5 minutes.
Installation without any cables.

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